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Jaryd’s interest in gaming took a different path than most people. He first developed an interest in acting and improv. As a child with autism, this sparked his interest and allowed him to practice skills in a way that was most entertaining to him.

His Dad had a love for D&D and often told stories of his games. This drew Jaryd in and is where his tabletop gaming began. When his dad’s work interfered, Jaryd found himself in gaming limbo. During this time, he kept his interest focused by creating his own game, which he still revises and works on now and then.

A few years later, his step-father invited him to play with a new group he had found. Initially resistant to the idea, he did it anyway. Not only did he join a game, but he was able to make connections with others in the group including Jason and Mikel. In the end, he has enjoyed chatting and furthering his skills, expanding his ideas, and methods to create an entertaining experience for the group.

Jaryd is managing our Discord server, which we will make available to you soon.

Jason is the jokester of the group. The one thing you can always predict is that he’s going to say or do something that makes you laugh.

He started playing board games with his grandmothers as a child, and still enjoys a good board game. When he was 10, he was introduced to Rifts by his sister’s friend who ran games for Jason and his brother. When that game ended, he still wanted to play tabletop games, so he created one of his own based on the only game he knew at the time. Six-sided dice were all that was available to him, so that’s the system he used. From there, he and his brother would take themes from movies like The Matrix, Tank Girl, and mobster films and create their own games from those themes. Jason’s favorite was the post-apocalyptic games. He also jumped into Magic The Gathering.

He finally discovered D&D at 18 and began running that for his brothers until he started college and moved into his own place. Then, as with a lot of people, life got in the way, and gaming became a fond memory.

Twenty years later, he started the Meet Up group that we have today.

He has created his own game called Bleak Rising, which we’ll talk more about in future posts and podcasts.

As a player, he likes to reach into the realm of the weird.

As a GM, he likes to run games that he’s changed enough to make his own. He’ll do whatever he can to provide his group with the most enjoyable experience he can.

Jason also handles our Facebook page.

Mikel is the Old Man of the group. Ask Jason, he will tell you all about it.

He played his first game of D&D at nine years old. When his family moved, he lost his gaming partner. So he did what most kids do. He created the campaigns and played each character himself. In middle school, he finally found a group of friends to play with. They played through their high school and college years. Eventually, the group went their separate ways as jobs, families, and relocation came along.

As things go, there were times when there was no group to play with. During this time, MUSHing took the place of tabletop and filled the gap for several years.

Mikel is always trying new games. He has a library of gaming books spanning the years. The only problem is finding time to play them all. Favorites include Blades in the Dark, Vampire The Masquerade, and Legends of the Five Rings (4th edition).

Mikel also handles 7th Level Bardcast’s Twitter account.

Elizabeth is our Instagram rock star! She also happens to be Jason’s wife. You can usually find her crocheting, crafting something fabulous, or gardening in her back yard. Jason’s the voice, but she’s the one capturing behind the scenes footage to share with the world.

Elizabeth started out playing Magic The Gathering and has dipped into tabletop gaming. Every now and then, we get to play a few sessions with her, and it’s always a good time.

Beckie handles all blog-related things. Mikel introduced her to tabletop gaming 20 some years ago. Over the years, she has found a couple of favorites.

Unlike her husband, she takes breaks from gaming to pursue other interests, or just for needed downtime.

Her favorite games are Vampire The Masquerade, and Blades in The Dark. She enjoys games with a strong story and a narrative style of play.

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